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Sessanea Monferatto Rosso DOC 2011
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Varenavn: Sessanea Monferatto Rosso DOC 2011
Varenummer Sessanea Monferatto Rosso 2011
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Cantina Sessanea

It is a blend that comes from a selection of grapes Barbera and Nebbiolo produced in the Company's vineyards on the southern hills of Asti, at an average altitude of 380 meters above sea level
The farming methods are environmentally friendly, on grass-covered soil against leaching and limestone-clay soils.
The harvest takes place in October, considering the most favorable time for the result in terms of sugar, acidity and polyphenols. The harvest is manual with grape selection.
In pressing it takes place the assembly of the two varieties. The traditional wine-making is combined with biotechnology and controlled temperature, with maceration on the skins in steel tanks. The drawing off takes place after approximately 10 days, during which time the temperature gradually reached 29 degrees.
After malolactic fermentation begin refining stages: first 12 months in steel and then 24 months in small oak barrels, not to mention a further rest in bottles of 0.75 liters. for at least 3 months in suitable environments.
The result is a complex and elegant wine, with a particular personality.
It has an alcohol content of 13.5 ° alcohol, is clear and bright, the color is ruby ​​red from garnet.
The aroma is intense, with ripe aromas of spices and jams that overlap more fresh and fruity.
The taste keeps the pleasure, but also discover a more complex structure to gradually appreciate sipping it.
The serving temperature is around 20 ° C, in large glasses with the stem.
We recommend pairing with meats, traditional first courses, meat preparations and baked fish, sheep and goat raw milk cheeses.

Sessanea Monferatto Rosso DOC 2011

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